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A house value report (aka CMA or comparative market analysis) will help you determine what your home will sell for in the current housing market.

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Knowing your home’s value is key to pricing your home accurately! Pricing your home accurately is key to selling for top dollar! Please call usor fill out the form below and will contact you quickly with your House Value Report.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

A true comparative market analysis or CMA for short is a report that is created to give you an idea of what your home should sell for in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The CMA will take into account numerous aspects of your home, to include recent sales, pending sales, and current listings that are within the same neighborhood and have similar characteristics as the subject property.

Understanding the Texas real estate market is very important and having a greater insight into the make-up of each city in Texas will really help refine your understanding of the Texas market and your Texas home value report.

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