We develop a personalized strategy for each agent so that their experience is always the best.



We believe in trasnparent and responsible business practice to create lasting relationship and thus protect interests.

La sociedad que necesita para la libertad financiera que desea

Our Goal is Your Freedom

Our agent-first philosophy makes your financial freedom our guiding light.

Our mission is to use our years of experience to help entrepreneurs and real estate agents build their wealth, reach the next level of their careers, and improve communities for everyone.

Long Term Success

We develop a personalized strategy for each agent to make your experience simple and stress free

Always Do The Right Thing

No transaction is worth compromising our ethics. We conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency.

Value Relationships

We create long-term relationships with our partners through honest communication, knowledgeable advice, and thoughtful recommendations.

Financial Success

We use our seasoned experience and problem-solving skills to make informed decisions for the best results.

Let’s work together

Behind the success of Angel Brokers Group is a team of dedicated brokers, real estate agents, and self-made entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other agents thrive.
We partner with people who show the highest ethical standards, superior business knowledge, and excellent communication skills.

Our real estate agents and brokers are given the freedom to work for our clients’ best interests with their own branding, approach, and problem-solving style.

This allows us to give our agents and brokers the flexibility and freedom to create their own success without the fees of other brokerage brands. Our system includes individualized training for every broker, so they feel supported in getting each client the best result.

Angel Realtors knows the right support means everything.

That’s why we offer individualized training and personalized plans for each of our partnering agents.


⦁ Create Your Own Brand.

Your own ideas and designs and colors. Your won identity in the real estate business.

⦁ Easy Trec Contract Requirements System.

We have a simple system to keep with TREC Rules and NAR Code of ethics.

⦁ Part Time Agents.

Having a flexible, virtually limitless side hustle is very appealing. There’s no set schedule for a real estate agent. Most part-time real estate agents log anywhere from 15 to 30 hours a week working with or on behalf of your clients.

⦁ Real Estate Investors.

We have years of experience as real estate investors and have advised literally hundreds of investors. We help investors work with foreclosures and motivated investors to create active and passive income.

⦁ Commercial Real Estate.

(CRE) is property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace. We have experienced in retail, office leasing and sales, Industrial and warehouses.

⦁ Experienced Broker?

Are you an experienced broker looking to park your licenses in an ethical and fair brokerage? We are comfortable working with agents smarter and hardworking than us!!

⦁ Marketing Advice.

Starting your own carrier and wanting to get a push in your marketing. We have good experience as entrepreneurs in marketing and can help you organize your ideas and budget.

⦁ Use Our Brand.

We have gain resources and experience creating a successful trade name for over 15 years.

⦁ Less Paperwork And Corporate Systems.

With intention we have minimal CRM systems and complications like Big Brokerages. We keep our systems simple and you save the money.

⦁ What Ideas Do You Have?

Lets talk about it. We are interested in listening to you. We like to know your ideas, situations and challenges. Lets resolve and improve them together.

⦁ Full Time Agents.

Working as a full-time real estate agent is very rewarding. You have excellent time management skills and a willingness to be busy most of the time. You are a real entrepreneur. You are building many relationships along the way by getting to understand a wide variety of clients

⦁ Residential Real Estate.

It is our pleasure to work with agents that specialize in helping families achieve their American dream. It is our forte. We support 100% contracts and a culture of constant improvement.

⦁ Newbie?

Welcome to the industry! You have a Plethora of resources in the industry. We will guide through your best course action to gain the require knowledge and experience so you can fly far as soon as possible.

⦁ TREC Rules Advice.

Over the years we have understood where to protect our agents to make sure there is no violations of TREC Rules or Nar code of ethics. Ask us our 2 secrets of how to keep out of trouble.

⦁ Spiritual And Conscious Living.

We came to earth to develop our body, our mind and spirit. We capitalistic people should make a bigger effort to develop more our spiritual being. We must be conscious of who we really are and our connection to mother earth.

⦁ Move Your Team.

Looking to reduce and expenses? We have experienced working with successful team managers

⦁ We Will Help You Implement Your Real Estate Plans.

We have done business plans for many different types of companies in real estate technology, retail, and manufacturing. Also, work with different personality types and we can adapt to yours.

⦁ Work With An Existing Team.

Want some more details and guidance from experience real estate professionals? See our teams

⦁ Entrepreneurs.

Our founders are entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses in the middle market. We looooove to work with Agents that also are entrepreneurs working in real estate investments, apartments, technology field, home builders, insurance, financial advisors, data specialists, Tax preparers, bookkeepers, wholesalers, teachers, fire man, and many other fields.

⦁ Yes, We Have Professional Property Management.

We have the strongest property management Franchise headed by Jeff Rignald. We have opportunities for property managers, residential and commercial leasing agents.

⦁ Multifamily.

Our brokers have experienced in multifamily complexes, RV parks, Mobile Home parks, and Room rentals.

⦁Business Brokerage.

Do you like numbers? Do you like doing business to business? Commissions are as high 10% in this niche. There is no buyer’s agent. You keep all the commission! We can help you enter this arena.