Owner Finance Homes

If you would like to buy a home, you have cash saved up to put down as a down payment but you can NOT qualify for a conventional mortgage loan, then you might want to consider purchasing a home under owner finance.

If you have been not been able to qualify for traditional bank financing, You’re not alone, good news is we can help solve your problem. The sellers of the homes that we list offer Owner Financing, Lease Option and Rent-to-Own terms making qualifying very easy for you.

What is Owner Financing?
Owner Financing happens when the owner of the property is giving a mortgage to the buyer. Owner, who is also the seller, carries the mortgage instead of a bank.

We feature homes for sale that offer:


For example John is selling one of his houses and decides to offer seller financing (owner financing). Mary is looking for a home, but her credit is not so good. So, the only way for her to buy a house is with owner financing. As usual with seller financing John does not have strict qualification requirements. So, as long as Mary is employed and has a cash downpayment John will disregard Mary’s previous credit history. The deed of the house will be transferred to Mary and John will have a lien on the house, tehrefore Mary is the rightful owner of the house, in case Mary stops making payments in the future then John can potentially foreclose on the house and keep the downpayment and get the house back. If on the other hand Mary keeps up with all the payments John will give her the satisfaction of mortgage when she pays it off.

In most cases it does NOT matter if you have bad credit, bankruptcy, late payments, judgments, liens, tax problems or charge offs, you can still buy a home using seller finance. It doesn’t even matter if you have verifiable income. We believe that *everyone* has a right to own their own home.

These are nice homes in nice areas with great neighborhoods and excellent schools. Most of these homes available for owner finance are less than 10 years old and in near perfect condition. Only a few of them might need some work.

Many of these homes have beautiful new kitchens and master bathrooms, big master bedroom suites, and big fenced in yards for the kids and your pets. Most of them have big 2 car garages and plenty of storage.

We make it very easy to own your own home… to have a place that you can claim as your own and be a proud homeowner. Nearly every one of our past buyers had been turned down again and again and again by banks and mortgage brokers… even banks that advertised «bad credit okay.» They never thought they’d EVER be able to actually buy a home for themselves and their family until they got into our program.

There is absolutely no charge for this service, we make our money on the sale of the property. There is also no obligation. If you like what you see, great, let us know and we’ll get you started and get you the list of properties we have available… if, on the other hand, you decide it’s not for you, that’s not a problem.

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